Marathi Manoos

Index : 1,465 | 1Yr : +1.42% | 1Mo : +7.51%

Category : Geographic

Min Investment : 13,616

Sharpe Volatility Trend

The Marathi population is an ethnic group that inhabits Maharashtra and the surrounding border regions of western India. The language is part of the southern group of Indo-Aryan languages. Although their history goes back to more than 2000 years, the community came to prominence under the Maratha empire established by the legendary king Shivaji Maharaj in 1674. The Marathi community is largely credited for ending the Mughal rule in India.

The community is not known for merchant castes like Baniyas and Jains. The society is largely Kshatriyas and other castes. In spite of Maharashtra being the richest state in India, majority of the large-scale entrepreneurs are from other communities and the local population are working class resorting to jobs as a way of life in the small and medium scale sectors. Although this trend is changing with time, it has been the situation for many decades. However there have been some businessmen who have established highly profitable and well known institutions.

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