Telugu Heroes

Index : 1,611 | 1Yr : +9.04% | 1Mo : +4.36%

Category : Geographic

Min Investment : 36,132

Sharpe Volatility Trend

Andhra Pradesh & Telangana which have recently been bifurcated in 2014 by the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation act. Apart from the famous Telugu film industry, there are various other important factors which make this region unique. The presence of rich climatic conditions have made it a major agricultural belt and is one of the highest producers of rice, chilly, cotton, pulses, oilseeds and gram. It is also home to many leading pharmaceutical and IT companies The IT department has come up with a new Internet of Things (IoT) policy within the state to encourage futuristic technology companies to set up their base there. The development of microfinance in India is also largely concentrated in this region.

Invest in high quality companies which are founded and run from this part of India.

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