Index : 919 | 1Yr : -22.45% | 1Mo : +8.98%

Category : Government Policies

Min Investment : 1,102

Sharpe Volatility Trend

After awarding a higher financial autonomy for Navratnas, in 2010, the government of India established a higher category to help PSUs compete with their peers in the global market. The Maharatna category raises a company's investment limit from Rs.1000 crores to Rs.5000 crores.
Maharatna literally means 'Great Jewel'. To qualify as a Maharatna, a PSU need to have a 3 year average of: profit of over Rs.2500 crores OR average annual net worth of over Rs.10,000 crores OR an average annual turnover of at least Rs.20,000 crores.

After qualifying and being granted the autonomy, Maharatnas can commit up to Rs.5000 crores or 15% of net worth on a single project.

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