Top 10 by Highest Profits

Index : 1,392 | 1Yr : +5.26% | 1Mo : +1.96%

Category : Investing Strategies

Min Investment : 21,025

Sharpe Volatility Trend

One of the most simple investment strategies it to simply put your money in companies which are making the highest profits in corporate India. By the'The rich gets richer' logic, the top 10 companies in India by highest profits will most likely continue earning high profits in the future too. For these companies, the money they earn is not enough as they continue to churn out profits and reinvest them for further expansion. As the saying goes, 'If the top dog has all the money, everybody wants to be the top dog.'

These companies are in the race of becoming larger and more profitable entities in their respective fields. In our diversified economy, it is no coincidence that the most profitable companies are from different sectors. This theme offers a natural diversification of the Indian economy with a relatively more certainty of long-term performance.

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