FII Favourites

Index : 1,220 | 1Yr : -2.96% | 1Mo : +3.24%

Category : Current Trends

Min Investment : 33,517

Sharpe Volatility Trend

It is important to understand the flow of funds and the ownership structure of the Indian equity market to realize why FIIs are considered the most important force among all stakeholders. The shareholding pattern of the top 500 companies reveal that the largest chunk of shares are owned by the promoter groups to the tune of 51% of the total market value. Of the remaining 49% which is the free float, FIIs own 40% of it thereby having a significant impact on the way the stock markets move. The rest of the ownership is distributed between retail investors, domestic institutional investors (DIIs) and custodians.

FII investment is also popularly known as 'Hot Money'. This is because they are known to invest aggressively and ramp up the value of stocks or dump investments in a jiffy when situations turn sour. However, due to their razor sharp focus on generating returns, their long-term investment decisions in certain stocks must be taken in the right spirit. This theme consists of fundamentally strong companies in which there are large FII holdings. With a high foreign equity ownership, these companies have earned the respect of global investors.

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