Railway Express

Index : 852 | 1Yr : -31.27% | 1Mo : +4.51%

Category : Government Policies

Min Investment : 6,854

Sharpe Volatility Trend

With concern over losing passenger traffic to airlines and roadways, The Government of India has launched several initiatives to revive the Indian Railways. The focus is finally shifting to customer satisfaction as opposed to only laying of tracks. For the first time, the GOI is able to raise significant funds via private players to invest in this sector. As funding remains the main concerned for the cash strapped railways, commercial exploitation of its properties are one of the ways they are looking to free themselves up. The ongoing administrational restructuring like delegation & decentralization of power are likely to benefit the sector to a large extent. Several IT and accounting reforms are also in the making. However, modernization of railways coaches, stations and other important measures are expected to take their own sweet time and existing initiatives are yet to come to fruition.

This theme consists of well managed companies with good financial performance in the past. They are most likely to benefit from the successful implementation of railway reforms as they happen.

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