Tourism Growth

Index : 1,381 | 1Yr : +1.11% | 1Mo : +4.82%

Category : Current Trends

Min Investment : 10,073

Sharpe Volatility Trend

India's historical significance, cultural heritage, diversity, symbolic monuments and temples makes it a unique country in the world. For travellers around the world visiting India has always been in the Must-Do list. The tourism sector generates about 6% of GDP and is estimated to grow to 7% or more by 2020. India's transportation, currency value, easy of communication and the sheer variety draws people by the millions every year.

An emerging sub-segment in this sector has been medical tourism due to the cost effectiveness combined with high quality medical treatment facilities. These tourists come primarily from from the Gulf countries, middle east, Russia and some commonwealth countries from Africa.

The government's initiative to launch the 'Incredible India' campaign has been a success in making a powerful impact on the perception of India a unique tourist destination. This theme consists of companies which are most likely to benefit from growth in the tourism sector in India.

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