Machine Lubricants

Index : 1,489 | 1Yr : -9.72% | 1Mo : +4.55%

Category : Sectoral Trackers

Min Investment : 22,759

Sharpe Volatility Trend

India is the third largest lubricant market in the world and along with Africa, they are the only growing markets with India having a higher growth potential. The industry has a high correlation with GDP as it is connected to automobiles, agriculture, construction equipment, construction, mining and other industries.

In the automotive sector, bikes and gearless scooters provide a sizeable opportunity for growth. Apart from that sustainable business is ensured mainly by strong partnerships with Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). As stronger emission norms and demand for fuel efficiency are driving companies to develop new and more robust engine technology, these factors will result in very specific chemical composition which will be required from lubricant manufacturers in the future. The industry is largely affected by oil prices (base oil) since it is the main raw material. There are more than 15 national level players divided between PSUs, domestic players and international marketers. Invest in companies which have a consolidated position in the market and are likely to continue growing in the right direction.

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