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India is a net exporter of agriculture and employs approximately 60% of India's population and yet accounts for less than 15% of GDP. It is the 6th largest net exporter in the world and has a diverse range of produce which is sent to over 100 different countries. Over a 10 year period, India has been the largest growing agri product exporter in the world and its value is more than twice the size of combined exports of the European Union.

However, India suffers from poor irrigation facilities which causes crop failures due to the lack of water supply. The economic productivity of the farming sector is very less when compared to other countries. The lack of proper facilities and education is a major hinderance in adopting more efficient methods of farming. Also, the food distribution system is highly unprofessional, lacking a proper mechanism and warehousing facilities thereby causing a tremendous wastage.

Narendra Modi has announced that by 2022, farmers' income will double. So the ambitious targets of the government will require a thorough follow through process. The upliftment of the agricultural sector can spark an unparalleled economic rise of India. Invest in companies that are empowering agriculture in India.

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