Battery Power

Index : 1,383 | 1Yr : -12.01% | 1Mo : +1.58%

Category : Sectoral Trackers

Min Investment : 2,759

Sharpe Volatility Trend

There is an increasing power back-up requirement as increasing demand for electricity consumption is on the rise for industrial, commercial and household purposes. Due to the lack of regular electricity distribution in Over 55% of the total battery demand comes from the automobile industry. The range of batteries are diverse in terms of requirements and the replacement market is large. With the Make in India programme focused on manufacturing growth with a special attention to the automobile industry, battery manufacturers are expected to grow exponentially by 2020. With the FAME India scheme (Faster Adoption & Manufacturing of Hybrid & Electric Vehicles in India) the demand for batteries might go off the charts as the target number of such vehicles on the road is 7 million by 2020.

In the dry cell segment, cheap imported Chinese batteries are giving domestic producers challenging times. The industry body 'Association of Indian Dry Cell Manufacturers' is working with the government to impose anti-dumping duty. This could significantly benefit this segment. However, this market is expected to continue growing steadily.

Due to the lack of regular power distribution and regular power cuts in India, the UPS and Inverter market is expected to increase substantially. The demand for uninterrupted power is high due to the digitization of work process. This segment is dominated by the unorganized market so there lies a big opportunity for growth in this space.

The power sector faces huge Transmission & Distribution (T&D) losses in the process of distribution of electricity. A large portion of those losses can be prevented by having advanced storage systems. There is a huge potential scope for industrial battery manufacturers to benefit from this space. This theme consists of high quality stocks operating in the battery space and are likely to benefit the most from these opportunities.

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