Appliances for Homes

Index : 2,153 | 1Yr : +16.61% | 1Mo : +6.27%

Category : Sectoral Trackers

Min Investment : 36,830

Sharpe Volatility Trend

With a strong domestic demand for electronic products and the ongoing nuclear family trend, the home appliance market has been growing at a steady pace in the recent years. Products such as microwaves, kitchen appliances, fans, lighting, garment care etc. are in high demand.

Competition has been intensifying as foreign players like Samsung & LG which are mainly in white goods segment have been using their distribution channels to enter this market as well. Another trend emerging is the growing internet sales of these products. With a rising middle class population which is brand conscious it is fuelling the growth of premium brands whose products have higher profit margins.

The consumption story is likely to grow at a faster rate going forward as organized brick & mortar retailers are expanding their presence across the country in tier 2 cities. Invest in high quality companies that have a strong foothold, relatively sound finance statements and strong growth prospects.

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