Real Estate Tycoons

Index : 1,784 | 1Yr : -8.27% | 1Mo : +3.77%

Category : Sectoral Trackers

Min Investment : 4,313

Sharpe Volatility Trend

Development of real estate complements the social and physical infrastructure of a country. The real estate sector in India has been a major beneficiary of the growth supplemented by series of reforms over the years. The sector has witnessed immense growth since the year 2000. Demographic statistics indicate the potential for the sector is huge. Given the fact that the urban population of India is equivalent to the total population of USA and UK. There are are about 1 crore people moving into cities on a yearly basis. It doesn't require a genius to ascertain the sheer potential considering this trend. The demographics have helped the sector capitalize on the strong fundamentals of the Indian Economy: A rising urbanization and growing middle class population. The Per Capita GDP of India has been rising consistently which is a good indicator of the potential future demand..

The real estate sector is primarily divided into two segments: Residential & Commercial. The residential segment is the major contributor to the overall sector and the demand is expected to continue in the future. Companies in this segment can capitalize on the Affordable housing and Mid-Income housing segments as they to have the highest demand. In commercial real estate, IT/ITES, Banking & Financial Services and Retail are the major office space occupiers.

Real Estate Tycoons is a list of companies that can cope and withstand with the challenges posed by the circumstances in India like: Lack of suitable land for development, delayed regulatory processes, land title issues and inadequate funding channels.

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